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Posted by Jan Knutson on July 29, 2009

Jan in HawaiiTo build a stable, profitable network marketing business, you must

  1. Offer prospects a tested, proven lead generation & training system
  2. Develop your own ability to coach your Team to success in your system

The most important element of being able to coach your Team to success is … you. You must understand your WHY and focus on it daily. You’ve got to know exactly what motivates you, or you’ll never be able to help your prospects figure out what motivates them. And if they can’t state their WHY, then they’ll drift away sooner or later. They can’t maintain their commitment if they can’t see exactly why they’re doing the daily work.

Re-read the first chapter of Success In 10 Steps if you’re at all hazy about your WHY. You’ll get at least 20 questions in that chapter to help you pinpoint your motivations.

Plus … it’ll be a big help to you in coaching others on how to state their WHY and then work toward achieving their goals. That is all a great coach does.

Written by my good Friend and Mentor Michael Dloughy.

Your friend for Life Jan Knutson

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  1. carlajgardiner said

    Hey Jan,

    I love this piece and it is so true, to follow someone you must know where it is they are leading you to. Imagine if someone blindly followed another…right off the cliff! That is what could happen if you don’t know where it is your leader is going, what their passion is, what they are about.

    You are setting the true example by being a true friend first, a mentor with a servant’s heart second and a leader with no hidden agenda. Thank you for setting the bar high enough to stretch, but attainable for anyone wanting to achieve all they are capable of achieving.

    Carla J Gardiner

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