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Betting On Yourself

Posted by Jan Knutson on July 31, 2009

river raftingThe Ebb and Flow of Chance (Chapter Four)

Reading this chapter opened up new avenues of thought on the present MLM business challenge I was in the middle of, and I was permitting it to consume me.

Doing a mind check I realized I was in the negative state of mind dealing with the issue at hand, which attached old tapes to the present situation. Riding the wave, it became a greater understanding of what I was presenting thinking.

Shocked by the situation I realized …”No matter how low the ebb, it is a favoring chance of opportunity just around the corner for new beginnings” It was a valley time, and I usually am at peak times in my life.

Shocked by my daughter’s comment, “Mom are you okay”, I was startled and I sat back for a few minutes just to THINK and REFLECT and do my SUDDENLY LIST*

As I rode the tide, the eight words of Faith, Desire, Love, Enthusiasm, Hope, Sex, Romance, and Prosperity (these are the positive emotions), SUDDENLY burst forth.

This situation gave me five new articles, books or golden nuggets that could be shared with my MLM team which could assist them to evaluate their situation.

Grateful for this valley of experience to rid the “CHATTER”, ride the tide, I was moving into another SUDDENLY experience.

I challenge myself and my team to reflect on how many wasted hours that could be productive in our entire WHEEL OF LIFE by simply taking time to THINK and REFLECT, go with the Ebb and Flow of  Mentoring for Success, and while riding the tide, the SUDDENLY will appear.

During a recent MLM business challenge the word SUDDENLY was coming at me.

I went to my Keyword Search for 60 scriptural passages of SUDDENLIES and for two
Weeks twice a day I read them and believed and had the desire that the situation would be resolved.

Two weeks later the suddenly became Reality.


One Response to “Betting On Yourself”

  1. Carol Brusegar said

    I’m really intrigued and challenged by this post, Jan! I’m going to finish reading the book and do the work and we can talk soon!

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