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Value MLM Team Members Gifts

Posted by Jan Knutson on July 31, 2009

Music brings much enjoyment to my life, encouraging my spirit to flow with life’s experiences.

Lessons in violin, piano, bugle, trumpet, and now cello have challenged me in
The tremendous gifts of others that have
Accomplished greatness in the music area.

In the Seventh Century, the best violins were made by Antonio Stradivarius.  They are still the best.  He said if he made violin less than his best would be to rob God.  He was right.  God could not make a violin with the help of Antonio.  Certain gifts were given to that craftsman that on other violin maker ever possessed.

They are certain things that no one else can do as well.  Maybe it is encouraging others, or teaching, artistic skills, computer skills or using your hands in a skillful manner like my friend Bonnie, to build something out of nothing.

As we work together as a great MLM team, we work with our gifts from our Maker and respect the team member’s gifts. Each member of our team has a unique perspective, special skills, and personality to bring together a cooperative orchestra of talent, love and productivity.

The things that only you can do, that God cannot do without your help.  You owe it to God to give your best because together, you and God can do and create certain things that no one else can duplicate.

“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we Become is our gift to God.” ~Eleanore Powell



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  1. Hampers said

    Nice blog. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

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