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The Mastery of Procrastination – The Seventh Step Toward Riches

Posted by Jan Knutson on August 12, 2009

(reflections of Chapter 8, ‘Decision’ in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill)

Change of Thought makes your Behavior Change…

Change of Behavior Makes your Habits Change…

Change of Habits makes your Personality Change….

Change of Personality make your Destiny Change….

I had been a goal setter and in master mind groups for years, where one verbally communicated by expressing one’s ideas.  When I joined Mentoring For Success and after reading this chapter, it was therefore easier for me to verbally express myself than to write.  I found a new Pocket of Insanity in my Life of Procrastination. Being a part of the group for just a few weeks, I could easily express verbally to my partners.  However, they kept on saying to me, “You need to write that down.”  Me?  Write???

A procrastination….this is something I had to deal with. So this is my first lesson after finding my “WHY” and my “25 Reasons” that I have shared.

I realize that I have an intelligent brain and a mind and that this is one area of my life which I need to make a decision not to be a spectator but a participant and to stop procrastinating.

In this area of my life I must now have the DESIRE to take ACTION and MARCH into doing the first lesson plan, whether it truly expresses fully what I am feeling or not.  Growth will follow each time we follow through with that weak link in my character.  It is necessary to write down what we feel and express it so that the readers will understand.  This is not a round table discussion.

As with Adams, Lee and Hancock not realizing how big their decision was when they followed their master mind groups, I, in turn, will not fully understand. However, I choose to open myself up to avoid embracing the negative impulses of life and to soar, serve and savor in this assignment.

In a recent class, I took the following quiz on “How Well Do You Plan?”

1.  How often do you plan in an effort to keep life from running out of control?

2.  Do you put a daily plan on paper/computer?

3.  How often do you accomplish all you plan for in a given day?

4.  How often do you plan time for what matters most to you?

5.  How often is your daily plan destroyed by urgent interruptions?

The results of this quiz for me were “Excellent Planner” OR “A Candidate for Burnout!”

It was at this time that I joined Mentoring For Free and had the opportunity to see Michael, Linda and Sarah in action.  In Orlando I started the 30 Cleanse Group.  I had not taken time for ME in writing and expressing how I truly felt about many things in my life. It was then that I wrote the WHY and joined the group.  I realized for 5 YEARS I had not written goals or been in a master mind group and I needed to follow the Cleanse Plan and move forward in my life.

Wow!  Excellent Planner OR Candidate for Burnout!  That hit me hard!!!  Where was there time for me and my life and for living?  Having been a single parent, I had always been helping others and I had really forgotten that there has to be time for ME.

As I stepped back, I made a decision to take action to complete the lesson, whether it was too late or not. It was my CHOICE of my pocket of Insanity of Life to no longer PROCRASTINATE in that area of my life.

It is interesting how my little challenge of procrastination burst forward. When completed, I felt as if I had climbed that small mountain which I didn’t even know existed.


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