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Living Up to Par

Posted by Jan Knutson on August 19, 2009

A local radio station host calls himself “The Golf Doctor.”  This morning he told about his daughter’s attempt to make the LPGA tour.  There were 33 contestants and only 4 slots open.  The best four would make the tour.

She played a spectacular round except for the fourth hole where her tee shot went into the deep rough and she ended the hole with a triple bogey.  They waited the rest of the day to see who would make the cut.  She and several others scored 75 and played another round to see who would be the alternates.  At days’ end she was the second alternate.

“I was devastated,” the golf doctor lamented.  To which his daughter, Amy, replied, “Get over it Dad.  It isn’t the end of the world.  Life goes on!” Spoken just like a loving father and a resilient daughter.

When we dwell on our losses, the inevitable result is despair and disappointment.  The next time you become frustrated because you didn’t live up to your expectations, think about this… will you allow that one thing to so upset you that it will overpower the good work God is trying to do in you at that moment?  Determine now that there is nothing that can happen to you that will alter your course, no matter how difficult it might be.  Life goes on.

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