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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Posted by Jan Knutson on August 29, 2009

LemonsWhen my heart is heavy, I wear my feelings on my sleeve.  I put on a brave face and muster up a smile, difficult as it may be.

There was a period earlier in my life when my feelings stayed bottled up inside, often because they were discounted and dismissed.  Sad to say, it can be that way as an adult.

Some people misconstrue this as one wanting to have their way or that they are better than others.  For me, it’s acknowledging that my feelings have importance.  It’s also about certain tenets – honesty, decency, genuine concern, love and respect.  Those are the attributes we all should possess and willingly give.

Sometimes, we experience the taste of lemons – those that are tart and to some, bitter.

But, God can take those lemons and make the most refreshing and sweet lemonade – by His power alone.  We don’t have to add a thing.  His instruction is the perfect recipe.


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