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Larry King Interviews Tim Sales

Posted by Jan Knutson on September 10, 2009

The Buzz

There’s quite a buzz going around because I sat down with Larry King at a network marketing company’s convention and explained to him how and why M.L.M is NOT a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme…and he understood it.

Tim Sales and Larry King

In case you don’t know, Larry King has interviewed over 40,000 celebrities. From every President of the United States since the Ford Administration to Vladimir Putin (second President to Russia) to Tony Blair (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom).

To say that it was an honor to sit and be interviewed by Larry King would be the understatement of my life!

I’m sending this message to you because I want you to know the facts surrounding this event because the rumor mill has been busy!

I sat down with Larry in his home a couple of months ago and had a discussion about Multi- Level- Marketing (M.L.M). It only lasted 40 minutes but in that 40 minutes he became intrigued.

I believe that part of his trust in me was my honesty that there are things about M.L.M that need correction. Meaning, some of the concerns he brought up I agreed with and told him that I was working on correcting those things but those things do not make it a pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme or a scam.

He liked my purpose in getting factual truth known by people and the media. This is what Larry King does better than anyone else in the world.

Timing was in my favor

Larry had recently been scammed for millions by Bernard Madoff’s investment Ponzi scheme. He was appreciative of my candid conversation and because I could clearly differentiate between a Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme and a legitimate M.L.M business. Up until that time, it was not clear to him.

We ended our morning meeting with an agreement that we’d talk more. That came when he invited me to dinner that night. During dinner I asked him what he loves to do and he replied “comedy.” Long conversation reduced, I asked him if we could continue our discussion about M.L.M in front of 10,000 M.L.M people in exchange for him doing a little comedy for them afterwards.

He said yes.

It just so happened that I had already been invited by a network marketing company (not the M.L.M company I built my downline in) to speak at their convention. Timing was in their favor too! It has been truly a win-win for everyone – including you.Larry and I are planning future projects together – I promise to keep you posted 🙂

The tool that worked with Larry

Sharp eye

Pretend you’re me for a moment…as I’m planning what I’m going to take with me to be ready for any question Larry King could ask me…what tool(s) did I decide to take? Using a sharp eye, look closely at the images and you will see that I’m holding the Build Your Own Business Brochure.

I’m bringing this to your attention because I assure you, if the brochure is good enough (and it was) for me to do a one on one with Larry King – I think it’s good enough for your prospect. No matter how tough you think they are!

With admiration,

Tim Sales

PS: There’s a gentleman named Paul who opened Larry’s door for me. We all owe him a high level of gratitude. So, Paul, thank you sir!

This is just the beginning of what my true purpose has been since I retired from building my organization in 1995. My purpose is to be the M.L.M industry’s public relations ambassador, promoting the industry’s values to the public. But, as I’ve stated before, I felt the industry needed a few corrections so that it’s squeaky clean for the public. 🙂

Working with Larry King has and will open many other doors and other possibilities for our industry. If you know people in the media or high government positions that you think would be interested in me doing with them what I’ve done with Larry (on any level), please reply to this email and let me know.


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