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God Driven Dreams

Posted by Jan Knutson on October 10, 2009

Oftentimes as children, we have dreams of the future. Dreams of being ball players and actresses, super heroes, and firemen. But most of the time, they end up just being wishful thinking.

As we get older, we grow out of them. It’s good to play and have dreams as children, but when we grow up, we have to know the difference between a God-given dream and a wish.

I remember when I was a little girl, I dreamed of playing basketball for the Houston Rockets. That was definitely a fantasy! But we all have dreams placed inside of us by the Creator of the Universe. In fact, the Latin word for “desire” means “from the Father.”

You can tell if a dream is really from God if that desire won’t go away. You may have had it for years, and you still can’t let it go. In fact, you may have tried to let it go, but it won’t let go of you.

I encourage you to search your heart today and allow those God–given dreams to surface. He placed those desires inside of you for a purpose, and He’s going to use them to direct you into the destiny He has in store for you!


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