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Is Something Missing In Your Life?

Posted by Jan Knutson on October 10, 2009

All the way home from the grocery store last night I had a feeling that something was missing. As I sat momentarily in the darkness of my driveway, it hit me. My checkbook! I reached for the flashlight and probed the beam in every place I thought it might be, but no luck.

Now I was getting nervous. I hurried back to the courtesy booth at the store and asked if it had been returned. My heart began to beat more slowly when the kind lady retrieved it from behind the counter and handed it back to me.

Sometimes we get so busy with life that we don’t realize something important is missing until we are surrounded by absolute darkness and chaos. We try to pull ourselves out of the mess by using our best humanistic bootstrap philosophy but it doesn’t work. Our light isn’t bright enough to solve our own problems. It just seems to get darker and darker. Sound familiar?

With friends at Mentoring For Free we share ideas and challenges on our walk of life. Love to have you download book and get to know you better.


One Response to “Is Something Missing In Your Life?”

  1. Michelle said

    Well Done ! I love your blogs they are so motivational and uplifting !
    What can I say great minds think alike

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