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Stepping Stones to Your New Future

Posted by Jan Knutson on October 10, 2009

Hi…I am sitting at the table here visiting with friends…and wondering why 95 % of networkers are not successful.
I  have been successful in other business…and thought why isn’t everybody successful…then the lights came on for me.
We want to go… go… go  and not relax and grow, grow, grow and change with the times we are living in.
We have built large organizations before…the times were different ten years ago.
I see people wanting to have relationship with others and be approved for each step of the way.  I think of my young grand son…”did I do alright?”
One of the most essential things a leader can do is to encourage…”I am proud of you and you did a great job”.
We are doing a great job and continue to grow, grow grow in personal growth.
The one way that has helped me is again reading Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” and the Bible.
Check into our master mind group on Wednesday which is part of the Mentoring for Free available for you at by signing up for the free eBook, or join my Facebook group, ‘Stepping Stones to Your New Future“.

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