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Personal Development Skills II: Building Relationships in Attraction Marketing and Prospecting

Posted by Jan Knutson on December 2, 2009

As we continue our series of videos exploring various areas of personal development, we will have several discussions later on to discuss personal communication skills and relationship building skills.

This discussion came up in advance of that series however, as we talked about the methods of network marketing both online and offline, and how they both depend on relationship building. The tools and skills of that will be our focus later on. See the Personal Development Skills section for a proper introduction and the entire set of related videos and articles as we continue to expand this series.

The term ‘Attraction Marketing’ has been used to describe the online methods, but in fact applies to the art of marketing and sales which has been practiced for as long as these industries have been around, and describes the act of providing value and learning the needs and desires of your target market. This brings us into the realm of relationship building every time.

We hope you enjoy this installment, and we’ll see you in the next issue!


4 Responses to “Personal Development Skills II: Building Relationships in Attraction Marketing and Prospecting”

  1. Tim Niles said

    Hi Jan!! The videos are very nice and informative!!

    Thank You!!

    Your Friend) Tim

  2. carlajgardiner said

    Hey Jan,

    What a revelation! This second video came out of the chute with a bang, I realized something about myself that I have been questioning for years, and within 2 minutes you answered my dilemma.

    Keep up the great job on this set of videos, now I am anxious for #3!


  3. Doug said


    The F O R M questions is a power full thing. People favorite thing to talk about hands down is themselves. This whole business is people. Another great video. I am looking forward to the next one in the series. I thought I heard some back round music? This could be distracting? The content was great and came form the heart. Thanks

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