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Goals for Life—My Blueprint

Posted by Jan Knutson on December 4, 2009

I see myself as Lydia, the business woman with great communication skills, who has a caring spirit like Mother Theresa and the creativity of Grandma Moses, but being the Jan that God created me to be.  I see seven restoration centers in different Central American countries being built.  They will house children and young adults—those that have been wounded, raped and pillaged by selfish human beings who bought these children to be used for monetary greed, not treating them with love and respect as individuals.  These centers will be hope for the hopeless who do not know what it is like to be free from this lifestyle.Phil and Juanita, the process in which this goal is to be realized is first of all for you having me write down my statement, having a mind’s eye picture again, organizing the plan and being my rear guard to put my ideas into action with a time limit.

I see the picture clearly.  I am enjoying these young people with all my creative gifts and abilities while loving on them and building trust in them for who I am and with them realizing that I will not harm them.  There is life and a new future through this program where we would work with them spiritually, emotionally and mentally to help them erase the past.  I would help them develop a new canvas for their lives.

In my mind’s picture I see me walking with these young people down the path to Emmaus which no longer has the huge boulders in their lives but rather a path of small grains of sand.  And as we walk down that path together we are laughing and hugging on each other.  During this process we all are removing the layers from the onion skins of life that need to be peeled for new growth and for a great future with a continuation of helping others and duplicating the process to future generations.

Living, playing and working with the children in this environment will give me the opportunity to act like a child again myself.  It would be a childhood of trust without judgment, always looking at the positive aspects in people and not the negative sides, producing long lasting friendships.  These positive experiences and memories passed onto these individuals can cause the curses of the past to be erased from the next generation one by one.

To obtain this I will have a non-profit corporation set up and proceed by getting the word out by speaking publicly about it.  In addition, a video can be produced and distributed.  After the first center is built in two years I will have an opportunity to be on the Oprah Show as my connection to her is through Chris her business manager and through Nat, both of whom are close friends of mine.  There are other programs too that will donate money for completion of the six other centers in my goal.

I see myself in two businesses.  One is in marketing of my books and public speaking and the other business is in network marketing with like-minded persons.  Our goal is to help others and not for selfish material gain.  Monies build empires like this for children and will impact their families for generations to come.  The MLM empire that will be built will be twice the size of my former ones with similar minds that are working together in a TEAM effort for the rehabilitation of these children and young adults.  Money will be no object as the residual income keeps flowing in.

Coming from a 100% Norwegian background, I am a great time manager and I am very organized in all areas of my wheel of life.  I see myself below as:

*  I am a Child of God and grow in His likeness daily and choose to treat people in a Christ-like manner.

*  I love to exercise and only health foods go into my body which is the temple of God.

*  I love building my business and it is easy as like-minded people are drawn towards me.  I respect their goals and help them reach their goals with no hidden judgment or agenda.  They listen to me and we grow together to reach our own respective goals.

*  I love my wonderful family and respect their decisions in life.  Distance is of no problem as we have great daily communication with each other and we see each other in person twice a year for family fun.  It is with great expectation that I see my adult children and grandchildren growing in the spirituality and self awareness.  I respect them for their opinions and they respect me for my wealth of knowledge.

*  I love to be alone with God and listen for directions for my life.  It is as if the waves of the ocean cast forth many new ideas of words and wisdom.  Bringing in of the new and throwing out the old tapes provide more understanding of love as I journey daily during this cleanse.  It is leading me in the direction of who I am.  I am not a victim but rather a victor in achieving my goals and dreams that have been put onto the back burner for five years.

*  I love money and what it can do to help people.  I am a mighty magnet.  Oceans of money engulf me.  I have unlimited choices and the opportunities are everywhere.  I truly believe that we are here to bless and prosper each other.  I reflect this belief in my daily interactions and I radiate it wherever I go.

*  I am an excitable person who loves people and enjoys doing unusual, crazy things that most people do not understand but with which I am quite comfortable as I am with myself.

*  I come from within.  I enjoy those experiences, and the people who are open can have fun with me also.

*  Life is great and I love life, I love myself and I love my accomplished achievements, always full of laughter.  I fully give 150% of myself to achieve the completion of my fourth book and in building the children centers.  There is no time to allow toxic persons or toxic behavior into my life.  There are no mind games allowed in this great opportunity to serve others.

*  My canvas is to live the purpose driven life.  It was blank for a few years, but colors are being added.  People are coming together.  My blue business-minded person adds to the sky of the canvas.  Greens are those persons who are going to lead and guide the children.  Yellow and red persons, like myself, will be spiritual and add creativity to their lives.  In September of 2011 the first five bedroom home will house ten young children who were formerly homeless.  They will be cared for spiritually, mentally and physically as they are educated for the future.  There will be two young couples that have been specifically trained to make a difference in their lives.  These restoration centers will be under the EverLoving Enterprise, a non-profit organization for children.  Work is in progress . . .


3 Responses to “Goals for Life—My Blueprint”

  1. kingkabuz said

    I so dig where your coming from Jan. I have received motivation from this post, and I thank you. I totally appreciate only feeding your body with healthy foods. So many people out there are ignorant to the fact that they’re slowly killing themselves with eating cheeseburgers and pop.

    You may want to check out, these guys have some cool stuff to say too. They’re trying to fit it all together as you seem to be striving for:) .

  2. Jan Doan said

    Yours is a dramatic vision of someone on a mission to help others. All the best to your efforts.

    • Thanks that is that is what I feel in my spirit after visiting many countries. Someone needs to step up and start fighting against the children that are being abused many times daily. I witnessed it with my eyes and have pictures. We need to step up to our cause no matter what the price. Leave the pride behind. Thanks for being sensitive.
      Your friend, Jan

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