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Personal Development Skills Part III : The “Wheel of Life” for Goals and Affirmations

Posted by Jan Knutson on December 8, 2009

As part of our continuing series on personal growth and development, for which you can find a proper introduction and all videos in the Personal Development Skills page, we examine the importance of goal setting and affirmations in this chapter.

Jan introduces a useful tool here, which she calls her ‘Wheel of Life‘. Customizable for your own individual life, you can use this to write your goals (short, medium and long term) and affirmations to help you maintain your positive mindset to clear the path for reaching your goals.

The point is, if one area of your life is neglected, whether it be your emotional health, your family, your nutrition, etc., it robs the other areas of vitality. In other words, a tire isn’t flat in just one spot, it’s flat all over!

I hope that you enjoy this video and stay tuned for our next one!

(Be sure to open the ‘Wheel of Life’ above so that you can see what Jan is referring to :)


7 Responses to “Personal Development Skills Part III : The “Wheel of Life” for Goals and Affirmations”

  1. carlajgardiner said

    Thank you Jan for opening up and sharing with us the beginning method to writing down our goals, which will lead to a plan and thus lead us into action. You are an amazing teacher and I thank you every time I watch these videos.

    • Jan said

      Thank you Carla. You are such an amazing person and I look forward to working with you. BELIEF!!!!
      We are moving ahead in 2010!!

      Thanks for being on my team.

      Your friend and mentor, Jan

    • Carla,

      Goal setting is were it is at………………in all areas of our lives. It is a joy for me to be in your circle of friendships. Hugs and have a bless day, Jan

  2. Michelle Matthews said

    I am grateful for all your support. However, for some reason I cannot access your videos?!

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