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Personal Development Part IV: Nutritional Wellness

Posted by Jan Knutson on December 19, 2009

Everyone knows that it is easier to enjoy your successes in life if you are not battling chronic illness. We know that proper nutrition, exercise (including stretching), and sleep all play a critical role in achieving and maintaining physical wellness.

We talk here about a healthy diet and proper food percentages and combinations, offering a sample menu as well. Along with exercise and sleep, a healthy diet and nutrition can help to prevent major disease.

Enjoy the video, print the documents for your reference, and stay tuned for our next installment in this introductory series on your personal growth!


4 Responses to “Personal Development Part IV: Nutritional Wellness”

  1. Chris said

    Great Information Jan. Nutrition is so important. I believe our bodies are our vehicles thru life to do the Lords work. We can drive a broken down jalopy – which is what we get from bad fuel, or our engines can pure like a speed racer. We get more done when we feel good. We feel good when we eat correctly.

    • Hey Chris,

      What a great comparison. We either have good or bad. I am on a fast currently and it is so great to see ourselves on a higher level.
      Keep the great fuel running in our tank.

      May 2010 be the greatest! jAN

  2. Jan said


    Our Health is our WEALTH!!!

    I appreciate your comments and it was after my car accident and 15 doctors telling I may be in bed for the rest of my life I decided to take control.

    During several years I read,read,studied and took all the classes and interviewed people and that is how I got into the business I am in today. I am grateful for that experience otherwise I would not have gained the knowledge of being the person I am today.

    I would to communicate with you more.

    May 2010 be the greatest for you.

    Your friend, Jan

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