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Personal Development Part V: Step-by-Step Belief

Posted by Jan Knutson on December 31, 2009

This video touches on the power of belief and how it can be a learned behavior by sticking to simple, achievable actions and witnessing the results from those.  As a critical piece of personal development necessary for long term success, belief is sometimes the most challenging of these skills.

Enjoy, and believe in yourself!


3 Responses to “Personal Development Part V: Step-by-Step Belief”

  1. carlajgardiner said

    Great job Jan and Vicki,

    I especially liked how you emphasized to start small, set daily goals, work at achieving them, and the weekly, monthly and annual goals will take care of themselves. The example of losing 50 pounds is a great visual and word picture because so many of us struggle daily with our weight and are always working in that area. By focusing on losing a pound or two per week, it certainly won’t be long for the 50 pounds to melt away, almost seamlessly.

    The next area I really liked was to celebrate each victory. This makes the action of working not so monotonous and dreary, like 98% of the population out there. We are in a unique position to lead the world to new heights using all of our unique abilities and skills, and we owe it to ourselves to share. Remember, our mothers taught us it is not nice to be stingy.

    I am anxiously awaiting yet another of your great training videos. Thanks for being the mentors you both are.

    Carla J Gardiner

    • jan said


      Thank you for your kind words. I believe my accident and being laid up for such a long time has helped me to take it piece by piece…step by step. Same with Goal setting coming up for 2010 and my new dream board. Small steps each day and week lead to achieving your goal.

      My father owned a livestock market and talking about reaching your goals he stated………you do not butcher a cow and eat it in one day we eat it piece by piece.

      There will be another video with a program that I have a group of woman in a lifestyle program which we will be sharing the positive results. In three months what it will happen. It will be only good.

      Thanks for the comment and 2010 will be the greatest!!!!! Your friend, Jan

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