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Personal Development Part VI: Achieving a Positive Mindset

Posted by Jan Knutson on January 6, 2010

In our continuing effort to provide an overview of areas of personal growth, we talk a bit here about the importance and power of having a positive mindset. That is, not only positive thinking but no allowing negative thoughts into your mind.

This is actually a bit more difficult than some think. Even the most positive people may struggle with negativity. Sometimes we are faced with situations that challenge our positivity, or with people who want to bring us into their negativity. It takes an effort to recognize and stop those thoughts from ruling the day, and affecting your life and productivity!

Hope you enjoy this video, and  see the Personal Development Skills section for a proper introduction of this series of articles as we continue to expand this area. We have one more of these videos to post here before we begin our Blog Talk Radio series – Inspiring Minds. Our first edition will be aired on on Saturday, Jan 23, 2010 at 12pm EST.


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