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Personal Development Part VII: the Power of Visualization

Posted by Jan Knutson on January 18, 2010

One of the more challenging skills necessary for realizing the goals you wish to achieve is the ability to visualize them. To not only ’see’ them but to feel them, to feel as you would when you have achieved them.

Removing the present tense from your mind and replacing it with something you believe will happen, and visualizing the details surrounding that expectation, while feeling the excitement and expectation you should feel about that amazing accomplishment, will be is key to manifesting it more quickly.

Visualizing this way can be accomplished by practice, and by using your affirmations and pictures you have placed around your wheel of life (you can download this and use as a template for your own, or use as is). We discussed this tool in the Goal Settings video).

We hope you enjoy this video and will continue to follow our Blog Talk Radio series at starting on Saturday, January 23 at 12pm EST and every two weeks after that!


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