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Network Marketing in Today’s Economy

Posted by Jan Knutson on February 8, 2010


—by Tim Sales

In network marketing, you cannot allow your thoughts to be controlled by others – especially by people who profit wildly from bad news.

In spite of these bad times, industries that are "failing" are still making a profit!Strange isn’t it? How can an industry that’s failing actually profit?

Reality is, "failing" means they’re earning an 11% profit. This is deemed failing because historically, they were so fat in profits, 11% seems like nothing.

That’s the big city newspaper industry – so-called "failing".

Lesson is, they’re so big, so established and so used to easy profits from advertisers, they don’t know how to be agile and quickly change in new environments. The web is "killing" big papers and they’re sitting around whining about it.

This is a great lesson for every network marketer.

Times have changed. They have always changed. What was true yesterday, may not be true today.

The chance of you stumbling into success in M.L.M is gone. As prospects – whose dominant emotion is fear – aren’t letting go of their wallets and purses so easily anymore.

This happened in the roaring ’20’s. After the kick off of the Great Depression by a failed stock market, "money was hard to come by" (so people thought).

People were so afraid, they didn’t want to spend – and they clutched their purses like a guard dog.

This had two effects:One, sloppy businesses were forced out of business…Two, sharper people who re-invented themselves and their businesses actually thrived!

Which one are you?

Are you going to allow present circumstances to run you out of business…Or, are you going to re-invent yourself and thrive when everyone else is running away with their tail between their legs?

Frankly, I already know your destiny. And, it’s solely based on one thing – your thoughts – whether you control them or allow them to be controlled.

If you don’t get control of your head, you’ll fail in network marketing – in a good or a bad economy.

If you don’t control your own thoughts, how can you ever expect to talk confidently to a prospect about your opportunity?

Ever hear "all actors aren’t in Hollywood"?

You don’t want to be an actor when you’re meeting with your prospect. They’ll smell you a mile away. You must believe in what you’re saying: your industry, your product, your company and your ability to help this individual build their own downline…especially in this tough economy.

Without confidence, your prospect may not pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but, they’ll know there is a problem. And, they’ll know there’s something "fishy" about what you’re saying.

Your prospect will actually begin to dislike you – they’ll think you’re intentionally lying to them.

If your prospects are your loved ones – friends and family – your relationship with them could sour quickly.

Developing Confidence

I just finished a very good book titled Talent is Overrated. In it, the author exhaustively details where the "greatness" that we see in sports figures and artists – particularly musicians – comes from…… in essence, where they get their confidence!

Confidence is born from its great mother – competence.

This isn’t a chicken and egg question. We know very well – and science has proven it – that you won’t have confidence, if you’re not competent!

By competence, I mean being able to do the job, but not having to be a total master.

Perfect for network marketers because, by the time you master something (having to invest thousands of hours to master anything), it could very well be too late – failure could have already taken place.

How To Develop Competence

Luckily for us, competence is actually easy to develop. It just takes practice. In fact, if you stay on the "competence" course, you’ll eventually end up in mastery. So developing the habits of competence will pay off "big time"… so it’s worth it to stay the course.

In today’s M.L.M environment, you’ll want to use the most "trusted" communication channels. What you use to communicate with your prospects will have a major effect on your ability to gain trust with them.

The best way to communicate, in this fearful environment is…
First – in person
Second – by phone

If you’re getting leads online, as quickly as possible, get them on the phone.

Re-invent Your Organization Today

The simple automation systems that claim to do everything for you won’t work very well right now. You must know and use the foundational tools to building your organization.

Simple things like:

* How to create a curiosity in your prospect for your organization….
* How to use voicemail to get prospects to call you back…
* How to qualify prospects and identify their personal closing preference – learn this, and it’s money in the bank!

Three basic skills you need. These three basics, if developed, will secure you no matter what condition the economy is in.

If you want to develop these business saving skills take advantage of my…

Saving Network Marketers Special

Right now, you can get the tools you need to ensure your success no matter what condition the economy is in.

Not using these basic skills could mean the failure of your organization. Don’t allow that to happen. Act now, your future is dictated by what you do toda


2 Responses to “Network Marketing in Today’s Economy”

  1. Thank-you Jan for that powerful article about changing and modifying your marketing strategies to fit the current economic/social climate. Learn how to properly relate to people and you are assured to win in any business. There is too much focusing on the product and the particular business you’re in and not near enough on people skills. I appreciate your article, and look forward to more excellent posts in the future!

    • Thank you for your comment. I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing.
      “Change what needs to be changed not what is easy”…………….and we grow

      Have a super day!!!!!!!!!! Your friend, Jan

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