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Posted by Jan Knutson on April 2, 2010


We are in a new season. This is a season to SEE! This is not a time to grieve!   May joy will be your strength! See yourself being reclothed for the future.

Loss is part of life… We lose loved ones, relationships, financial strength and influence. One of the most difficult losses to overcome is expectation. We have hope that something will happen in a certain way, and what we hoped for is deferred to another season. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Another way of saying this is postponed manifestation causes us to be weakened and unable to stand firm. We grieve when we lose.

There is a process connected with grief. We first experience shock, and next, we enter into denial over what we are experiencing and try to determine if the event is really happening or if we are experiencing a bad dream. However, the pain of reality sets in and we grow angry, depressed, manipulative, and even turn inward. “Why me?” becomes the identity we wear.

The last phase of loss and most dangerous of all is withdrawal and loneliness. To protect ourselves from more hurt and pain, we become our only goal.

‘How long will you grieve?’

This is a question that each of us must answer. Will you wear grief and trauma from the last season as your future or will you SEE that there is NEW waiting for you?

Stop, be still, and ask yourself, “What am I wearing?” If your answer is “the residue from my last season with all of the loss attached” the time is now for change!

Let’s change garments. First, put on a Renewed Mind!

Then add Revived EXPECTATIONS! Next, receive the garment of AUTHORITY! Add Boldness to your new garment.

Remove and leave behind your last cycle of FEAR! WEAR FREEDOM! Daily walk in the SPIRIT and declare that you are a SERVANT and not a SLAVE to the PAST or a HOST for DARKNESS to DWELL!

Adorn yourself with FAITH! Counteract Faith Destroyers: strife, procrastination, anxiety over the future, doubt, unbelief, anger, frustration, guilt, jealousy and envy!

Wear OVERCOMING REVELATION that reflects the KINGDOM! To make your new garment radiate which will radiate His  Favor on you and a GLORY that produces Momentum and ACCELERATION!

We are in a new season. This is a season to SEE! This is not a time to grieve! His joy will be your strength! See yourself being reclothed for the future!

With times of shifting and changing we need to focus to see WHERE we are gong and DO NOT LOOK BACK>>>>>>>>Only move ahead to the WHY in our life.  Our Why is what was given to us individually!!!!


Jan Knutson, your friend and Mentor

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