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2010 Beating a Path to YOUR Door!

Posted by Jan Knutson on April 21, 2010

–by Tim Sales   Are you getting all the free referrals you want for your business or are you still dreaming of finding a way to get business to come to you? I’m about to show you a quick and easy income boosting solution to get people “Beating a path to YOUR door”… even without previous marketing experience, or lots of money…How much is a “tidal wave” of interested prospects worth to your business? Suppose you were in the grocery line, at the salon, with your kids at the park, or just burning some calories on the treadmill at the gym and you were casually talking with someone who could possibly be your next business builder or faithful customer. There is no stress and no sales pitch.Imagine…you don’t have to worry anymore about how to handle someone you think could really use your products or business opportunity but instead, they ask you for more information! Yes, your sales strategy has truly changed since you learned this proven formula for building a powerful referral business. You’re now super-confident in your referral system that’s created a “feeding frenzy” out of your products and your business opportunity without spending more time, energy, or money doing it.The best part is this doesn’t have to be a dream. You can increase referrals to your business starting today.  Here’s The Proven System to Generating Endless Referrals……every step you need to take to build an unstoppable stream of referral business using a simple yet powerful 3 step formula! A combination of 2 of my favorite tools will help you boost referrals to your business…and what I love about referral business is that most of what you’ll be doing costs you nothing. Customers love to do business with people they know, like, and trust – and they’ll pay more for products, and even buy more just to do business with “friends.” If you just follow the easy steps in this system you can literally create a referral business “machine” that will send pre-qualified prospects your way forever. In his book Endless Referrals, nationally renowned speaker and bestselling author, Bob Burg, lays out a way to systematically and predictably build an enthusiastic referral base for ANY business but it’s perfect for network marketers. Bob Burg Reveals his Guaranteed 7-Step “ProfitFunnel” Attraction Marketing System that will have pre-qualified, eager prospects begging to do business with you. Thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs have turned casual encounters into solid sales opportunities and you too will learn how to…      *       Effortlessly turn every contact into a great sales opportunity     *       Position yourself as the ONLY person prospects do business with regardless of price or competition     *       Easily identify the profitable contacts from those that will slow you down     *       Network the Internet for HUGE sales even if you don’t know a thing about online marketing     *       Fearlessly make calls and get business day in and day out without giving it a second thought     *       Kiss your fear of rejection goodbye  And that’s just a taste of what you’ll learn about building a referral business “machine!” “Reading Endless Referrals was worth the price of a Harvard MBA. What a great way to have new business beating a path to your door! Free advertising, free pre-sold prospects, free business! A true breakthrough in real world prospecting!” – Tom “Big Al” Schreiter This tool works perfectly with …”The Success Formula” – Three Timeless Principles that Will Turbo-charge Your Success and Dramatically Improve Your Life. This is Bob Burg’s best-selling booklet that will super-charge both prospects and downline members for success. The 3 simple guidelines to achieving greatness are revealed in a quick-read format, and can put the excitement back into your business vision. WARNING – Do not start your Network Marketing business without first reading THE SUCCESS FORMULA! You see, within 90 days of becoming a Network Marketer, 9 out of 10 people will call it quits. But this unforgettable little book is the perfect tool to send to prospects and clients and ‘kick start’ your referral base right away. This powerful combination is your “master key” to building a truly endless stream of referral business. But just because you can make thousands of dollars with this information doesn’t mean you’ll pay thousands for it. Not even hundreds! As a matter of fact, the list price of all this is just $54.45. But act before April 26th and you’ll get The ENDLESS REFERRALS book along with a 10-pack of The Success Formula for only $29.95…a savings of $24.50 off the list price! I’m offering this to you for a limited time at a discount because I truly believe that it will transform the way you do business for good!  “This is the Wisdom of the Ages boiled down into three simple principles. Use the time-proven information Burg provides and watch your success soar!” – Paul J. Meyer, Founder, Success Motivation Institute, INC. Take action now and start building your automatic referral network. Get “The Endless Referrals Success Formula COMBO” right now while supplies last! Committed to your success, Tim Sales


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