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Are You Feeling Stuck? How to Get Unstuck and Become a Better You

Posted by Jan Knutson on April 22, 2010

What an excellent session we had last weekend on our Inspiring Minds Radio series!

Our special guest, Karol Thousand, and her dear friend and mine, Vicki Berry had a wonderful time exploring personal growth and discovering our innermost strengths.

We are indeed social creatures and become more vibrant and alive when working together.

Something we often do is get stuck in a pattern where we might not be as happy or as productive as we can be.

It takes a new perspective, sometimes from someone who can help you to give credit to yourself where you may not have before.

Karol has a special talent for helping people to make the best of themselves. She has been educating people and corporations in self development for years, and has a special gift in helping others to see their own potential.

If you are struggling to realize your own, then you should get a boost from her talk, and being to see how many options you truly have.

The replay is available here.



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