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Enter into Championship Thinking

Posted by Jan Knutson on January 25, 2011

Attitudes of Champions

Life is tough.
The challenges of daily living are so daunting, only very few surface above the fray.
But you can rise above the storms of your life simply by mastering these 8 winning attitudes of champions.

Yes, you too can be a champion.


#1  Champions feed and grow on challenges.

I like to play the snake game on my cell phone, and, indeed, it’s my favorite.  I like the idea that the snake gets longer and larger by gulping down bits of obstacles along it’s path.  Each time I play that game, I’m often reminded of this first of the 8 winning attitudes of champions, which is that champions feed and grow on challenges.  If you have this attitude, it will empower you to advance against the obstacles strewn along the path to your preferred realities.


#2  Champions know that the best calculations are prone to fail and no plan is foolproof

You see, no matter how smart you are and how much precautions you take, you are still going to encounter lots of nasty seasons.
Management wisdom has it that whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
Champions know this and prepare ahead of time.


#3  Champions have the attitude that expects turbulence during the flight

Before take off in any flight, the pilot usually says something like, “We expect some slight turbulence, but that’s nothing to worry about.”  Champions expect turbulence during the flight.  But they also have an attitude that says “If and when the turbulence rises, I’ll ride the storm and not be deterred by any temporary difficulties.”


#4  Champions know that they may need to make some adjustments in the way they pursue their dreams, based on information that was not available to them initially

This is why champions have an open heart. They are rapid learners and never cease to learn.
In fact, champions relish data and facts, and are ravenous consumers of information.
Champions are open to change and keep adjusting their methods and techniques to take advantage of new realities to enhance their performance and success.
This is why they usually stay ahead of everybody else.


#5  But champions have an attitude of gratitude at all times, particularly when things don’t go  their way according to plan

This is because they fully understand that after the storm comes the rain and that there are silver linings behind every cloud.
Champions know that there are favors and breakthroughs embedded within every adversity.


#6  Champions do not lose their faith in their God

Their faith in their God is so deep that they can draw from the supernatural strength of their God to deal with their challenges.
Champions have a rock-solid faith in their God. When even their strongest allies fail and turn against them, they know exactly where to turn to for inner strength


#7 Champions do not allow their personal difficulties to stop them from loving and caring

In spite of their frequent challenges, champions take the little that they have and share with others.  I believe this is the major key that unlocks their victories.
Champions understand the power of love, caring, and generosity, which is why they have such great hearts, and such phenomenal success


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