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Healthy Body with no Diseases

Posted by Jan Knutson on April 26, 2011

The proven diet tht will revease ALL nutritional deficiencies allowing the body to HEAL ITSELF of all diseases is 100% raw fruits and vegetables and their juices.

I suspect that the reason that you are still hungry is that you are not eating the salads which are chopped, grated, and ground – its like eating a steak.

In order to do this you must have Dr. Walkers vegetarian salad book .

Dr. Norman Walker is the longest-lived, widely-known raw-foodist of the modern era. Thousands upon thousands of people credit Dr. Walker’s live-vegetable-juice therapy for healing them of “incurable” diseases, including Jay Kordich, known to the world as “The Juiceman.” When Jay Kordich had cancer, he met and was tremendously inspired by Dr. Walker. After healing himself of cancer through The Raw-Food Diet and juice therapy, Jay worked with Dr. Walker beginning in the 1940s up until Dr. Walker’s death in 1984 at the age of 118.

For more than 100 years, Norman W. Walker, Ph.D., proved through research and experience that well-being and long life go hand-in-hand. Through the non-stop activities of raw-food enthusiasts, modern day nutritionists and medical researchers are finally discovering the raw truths which Dr. Walker knew and taught throughout the twentieth century. Dr. Walker was living proof that a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life is achieved through The Raw-Food Diet, mental poise, and intelligent body care.

Dr. Walker’s contributions to the common heritage of humankind began before the turn of the century in London, where as a young man he became seriously ill due to over-work and stress. Unable to accept a sentence of ill-health and early death, Dr. Walker healed himself with living foods and vegetable juices. Among Dr. Walker’s greatest contributions was his discovery of the therapeutic value of fresh vegetable juices and in 1930, the development of what would become known as the Norwalk Press Juicer. The present “juicing” craze is directly attributable to the incredible dedication of this great man.

During his time, Dr. Walker was the world’s foremost leading nutritionist. His unique contributions are all available to you through his books.

Please note that much of the following came from Dr. Norman Walker’s Books and do not do his monumental works justice. Dr. Walker wrote his last book at the age of 115 years old where he related that he felt as young as he did at the age of 30. Dr. Walker’s short and concise books (the result of 70 years of research) are already so condensed that it was impossible to condense them for review without duplicating the entire contents so I strongly recommend that you purchase all eight of his books (see the bibliography at the end of this book for the address).

There is a little-known fact regarding the effect of pesticides on our vegetables and fruits which should be given much publicity in these times. Research has determined that pesticides and sprays are detrimental to our health in the consumption of the vegetables and fruits that they have been used on. It is the fibers of such foods that collect these toxins. The juices containing the enzymes, atoms, and molecules of the “ripe” fruits and vegetables are allergic to them, they will not mix together. Fruits and vegetables grown in devitalized soil, or improper composting and fertilization will be deficient in vital factors. The lack of nutrients in the food will correspond in proportion to the deficiency of nutrients in the soil. Furthermore, under the very best of conditions, the use of sprays and pesticides will enter into the plants and roots and will be completely absorbed by the fibers of the plants and roots. The plants will continue to grow and thrive, not because of the toxins, but in spite of them. The enzymes, atoms, and molecules will continue to carry on their work without interruption in spite of the poison saturated fibers.

“Enzymes are not things or substances! They are the life-principal in the atoms and molecules of every cell. The enzymes in the cells of the human body are exactly like those in vegetation, and the atoms in the human body each have a corresponding affinity for like atoms in vegetation.” – Dr. Norman Walker

All food that has been processed or irradiated has had its’ enzymes, or the “life-principal,” destroyed (so that it will have an indefinite shelf life – surprise!).

So how do we get the enzymes, atoms, and molecules from our vegetables without using these poisoned fibers? After all, these enzymes, atoms, and molecules are the nourishing elements we require and the fibers have virtually no nourishing value. The answer is simple. When vegetables are correctly triturated (pulverized), the cells of the fibers are split open and these elements are released. We can thus obtain a juice which is free from the poison-saturated fibers.

In the choice of vegetables and other foods, shop at whatever market or supermarket that has the freshest and best quality vegetables and other foods, and always shop for quality, preferably organically grown and raised.

There is no substitute for quality at any price, and if the price is higher, it is both safer and more economical in the long run.

Pure Live Organic Water vs. Inorganic Water:

Water containing nothing but hydrogen and oxygen is pure water. This is the only kind of water which the blood and the lymph can use in their work. Both the blood and the lymph require pure water to assist them in their functions.

A major ingredient in clogged arteries is inorganic calcium (lime), which is present in all mineral, spring, well, river, lake, and tap water.

Cells must be furnished the mineral nourishment they need in order to accomplish their work. The minerals in natural water from springs, wells, rivers, lakes, and from the faucet, are gross and lifeless and of a kind incompatible with the cells needs. Distilled water collects and removes minerals which have been rejected by the cells of the body, and are therefore debris, obstructing the normal functions of the system.

Fresh raw juices are live organic water in which the alkaline mineral elements are beautifully balanced for the nourishment of the cells of the body. After they are delivered to the cells, the organically distilled water cleans the debris from the body.

The most constructive minerals are those which are contained in the raw vegetables, “ripe” fruits, herbs, nuts, and seeds. These alkaline minerals are an integral part of the live organic water of the juices of these natural raw products. This “vegetarian“ water (i.e. the juices) is the result of the distillation by plant process of moisture from the water obtained from the ground, and is replete with enzymes. It is truly distilled water.

The carbohydrates which are considered nourishing foods are vegetables, “ripe” fruits, potatoes, beans, lentils, herbs, peas, grains, etc. (when eaten raw).

Raw vegetables and “ripe” fruit juices offer all the live enzymes and de-toxicating qualities (without parasites which are only present in polluted fibers) needed to keep our bodies strong, healthy and able to combat the many enemies of contamination and pollution in the world today. Our immune systems are kept at their peak when we consume “raw” vegetables and “ripe” fruit juices on a daily basis. Vegetable juices are the builders of our bodies and “ripe” fruit juices are the cleansers of our bodies.\

The health of our colon can be an indicator of our health. A well cleansed colon in perfect working order is absolutely essential for a long, productive, and active life.

Our bodies are dependent on fresh, clean water. The minerals and commercial additives in inorganic water (i.e. mineral, spring, well, river, lake, and tap water) cannot be utilized by the body. The minerals in vegetables and “ripe” fruits and their juices are organic and therefore beneficial to our health.


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