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About Jan Knutson

jan knutsonHello and Welcome

I Pledge to You that I will Give You My Best And Together we Will Shine!

Life has brought us all challenges and opportunities and it is what we do with the lemon……be sour or make lemonade out of lemons.


We must move toward success in all areas of your life, it doesn’t come to us.
The golden opportunity we are seeking lies within
each of us.
It’s not in our surroundings.
It”s not in luck or chance, or the help of others.
It’s God working in us alone.

Opportunties are all around us.
Apply persistence to our possibilites and we can develoop them.
If the door of opportunity appears closed,
Just keep knocking on it,
and keep knocking on it until God opens it in His timing.
Be an opener of doors to others
and the world will open up to you.

Surround yourself with friends of in kind spirit and thinking and the world will open up to you. I am blessed to have had great mentors and now have one of the greatest mentors in all areas of my……

Life is full of surprises and great expectations.

Your Friend for Life

Jan Knutson


7 Responses to “About Jan Knutson”

  1. Michelle Matthews said

    I think I have an opportunity to be a leader and it is scaring me half to death. Picture a dog that is scared of water and pulls back until you can see the whites of his eyes. You would never push him in to get him over his fear, would you?

    • Hey Gal,

      Reread my Stepping Stones to Success…Even Leaders can fall away……I just had five years from the pit and now have turned self around…that is why I wrote that article. Hugs and love and you already are a leader in my eyes…..

  2. Doug said

    Persistance is always the key to a great leader. You ca not fail if you keep trying. I really love you stepping stones to the future. We all have to make the Journey.

    • Doug,

      We are persistance and just now when we came out with our new program to double our income….I am on a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The children center will be built sooner. Your friend, Jan

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