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Personal Growth and Development

Personal development skills should definitely not be overlooked by anyone who is serious about having success in their business and/or personal life.

As a matter of fact, these skills should take a front seat along side any that are specific to the methods you may be using for working your business.

And while it is true that many people will often take for granted the need for personal development, the one thing that very successful people have in common is their continuing attention to personal growth.

Moreover, the percentage of people in society who diligently practice these skills aligns with the percentage of the most successful people.

No doubt, those who even reach the greatest of heights may falter. But the ones that recover are the ones who have maintained their personal growth, and the ones who do not recover have not continued to utilize the skills of personal development.

Everyone is Different

The word ‘personal’ is key, in that each individual will have their own particular approach in each area, but there are tools which can help and which do overlap in the areas of growth and development.

Countless books have been written, many of which are highly recommended by some of the most successful people. There are so many books, audios and videos, conferences, tele-seminars and such, but the point is, in any you will find passages, people and forums from any number of them that speak will best to you, and you will have your own interpretation that may be entirely different from someone else’s.

So if you do not find what you seek in one area, continue to look, for it is ultimately key to your well being and success in life, not only financially but personally.

Renewed Focus

As my team and I have had many a discussion on the various aspects of personal development, and since it is obviously so important to our success, I have decided that this is an important area to give more focus and attention on as part of this blog.

With the first of several videos posted below, many more will follow, each covering a different aspect of personal development skills. After we are finished with those, we will move on to using different formats for open discussion, including blogspot radio sessions and webinars.

Areas of Personal Growth

Your pursuit of personal growth should include all areas of your life, not just the financial. One part of your life cannot be completely fulfilled unless all areas of your life are receiving your deserved attention.

True success is reached when you couple academic skills with the personal development skills that will enable your optimal personal growth.

Whatever your chosen method, the basic areas of personal growth are :

* spiritual (your essence, soul, whatever your religious preference),
* emotional (having a positive mindset),
* mental (examples include any sort of education, as well as mental exercise),
* physical (exercise, sleep, and nutrition), and
* social (inter-personal and communication skills, and giving of yourself)

We intend to introduce each of the above areas, discussing many at length, and providing you with some of the tools that will help you to practice each of the personal development skills. There are many areas to cover, where the 5 bullet items below may each have several topics discussed.


This video series covers many topics that span the 5 bullet areas above. I will be updating this page with each new video in this series as it is released

May you find your growth enjoyable and enriching not just now but always!

Chapter 1: The Power of Gratitude, Mentors and Mastermind Groups

Chapter 2: Relationships in Prospecting and Attraction Marketing

Chapter 3: Setting Goals in Your Wheel of Life

Chapter 4: Having a Nutritional Advantage

Chapter 5: Step-by-Step Belief

Chapter 6: Finding and Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Chapter 7: The Power of Visualization

The following may or may not be in video form, but may be in audio or possibly blogspot radio or webinar sessions, as they themselves span several topics of discussion:

Chapter 8: An Extended Course on Personal Communication and Inter-Personal Skills

Chapter 9: Leadership Skills


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